What is the Flex Force Advantage?

Bladetech Hockey's patented technology has been rigorously tested in the lab to ensure it provides the highest performance compared to non-flexible blades. The results speak for themselves! See test results here.

"Bladetech Hockey's Flex Force Advantage gives skaters an average of 5.5% increase in speed!" - Testify Performance

Advantage #1) Increases speed and acceleration.

    Flex Force works similar to a hockey stick flex: the front third of the blade bends during a player’s stride, whips back and releases the vertical energy usually lost into a more powerful skating strides.  Our testing shows 25% increase in force and an average of 5.5% increase in speed.

    Advantage #2) Reduces impact pressure on knees.

      Flex Force also works to cushion the impact pressure players feel in their shins, knees and backs just as a good running shoe cushions the impact of every step.

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      Bladetech Hockey uses the highest quality steel.

      Having a winning technology doesn't mean anything without the highest quality material. It is crucial that every blade Bladetech Hockey produces is made with the best materials possible.

      Bladetech's hockey skate blades are known to hold their edge longer between sharpens. This is all backed by an industry leading 365 day warranty.  

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