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Based in Toronto, Canada, Bladetech Hockey provides high-tech hockey skate blades that are scientifically proven to provide a speed boost.  Their patented Flex Force Advantage reduces impact pressure on joints, allowing players to play faster, longer. 

Our Story

Bladetech Hockey fastest blades Jeff Azzoline Flex Force technology

In 2013, Jeff Azzolin, a University of Waterloo Engineering student analyzed the hockey skate market and realized the only technological advancement in was in the boot.  The blades and holders were all exactly the same, no matter if you were paying $100 or $1,000.  He wanted to discover how he could create a better skate by looking at the holder/blade relationship. 

He created his first prototype: a spring-loaded blade.  This led to the creation of Flex Force Advantage, the only blades scientifically proven to give a speed boost.

The rest, as they say, is history...

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