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The fastest hockey skate blades - The Flex Force Advantage

Hockey skate blades haven't evolved for generations. Since the early 1800s, ice-skating pioneers have been fixing metal to objects like animal bones and wood in order to create a sharp edge that can dig into the ice to propel forward. 

Blades have always been fixed. Until now.

Introducing the "Flex-Force" Advantage: a propriety piece of technology that allows for a mechanical advantage while you skate.

Remember how the speed skating clap-skate allowed skaters to SHATTER all the existing world records? From 1980 to 1995, the world record for the 1000m race dropped 1.5 seconds.  In the next 2 years, it dropped another 2.5 seconds. The major difference in the sport: a mechanical advantage from new skate blade technology.

Bladetech Hockey's Flex Force Advantage is scientifically proven to increase a player's speed by an average of 5.5%. What does that mean? You will be able to achieve a personal best in skating just from using this steel.

If you're skeptical, don't worry. So were some of the NHL's Best when we first let them try Flex-Force...

NHL Case Study

Bladetech Hockey's replacement skate blades with Flex Force Advantage are used by hundreds of pros in hockey leagues worldwide. 

One NHL partner wanted to see how far he could push Bladetech's high-quality steel. He pushed the Black Armour steel for 4 NHL skates (2 games, 2 practices) before resharpening. This level of durability was unheard of, with players typically changing their blades between periods. 

Our Partners

We're happy to work with amazing partners in the hockey world. Check them out!


This patented technology allows the blades to flex up into the holder, store your energy, then whips back out and releases power back to you. Just like a one-piece stick flexes to help you launch a puck harder.  This happens with every single stride you take!

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