*These are the most common questions we hear.  If you don't find your question answered here, please CONTACT US and we'll be sure to add it!
  1. How do I find my holder style and size?
  2. What are the differences between the blade finishes?
  3. What is the radius/profile/height of your blades?
  4. How do I install my new skate blades?
  5. Learn about Profiling Blades
  6. Find out what Profile is best for you in under a minute!
  7. Learn about Sharpening Blades

1.  How do I find my holder style and size?

Blade holder style and size can be found on the white, plastic holder attached beneath the boot of your skate.

For the "Holder Style" you will see it written on the holder in large writing.  Two examples are: "Lightspeed Edge" or "Speedblade XS".

For the "Holder Size", you have to look for a very small 3-digit number, engraved in the holder, usually beneath the heel of the boot.  The picture below displays where you can find this number. In this example, the correct size is "280".

2.  What are the differences between the blade finishes?

Bladetech blades are offered in 4 distinct steel finishes, which will be outlined below.  All blades have a base of Mirror Stainless Steel.

  • Mirror Stainless Steel - high quality steel polished to a shiny mirror finish. Extra polishing helps with blade glide for increased speed, and looks incredible
  • Black Armour - a black ceramic style coating helps protect the blades and edges, allowing you to go longer between sharpens.
  • Black Diamond DLC - Diamond Like Carbon coating which makes a blade virtually indestructible.  Extra hard, like a diamond, this coating is the same material the military uses to protect armoured cars.  
  • Custom Color - same ceramic material and properties as Black Armour

3.  What is the radius/profile/height of your blades?

*If you're interested in learning more about this, see our Bladetech Hockey Sharpening Series blog.

Radius/profile of blades depends on the Holder Style you are purchasing blades for.  Here is the complete list of radius measurements per style:

  • BAUER LIGHTSPEED EDGE (TRIGGER): 9'-10'-11' Triple Blend (size 254 and lower)
  • BAUER LIGHTSPEED EDGE (TRIGGER): 9'-11'-13' Triple Blend (size 263 and higher)
  • CCM SPEEDBLADE XS (QUICK RELEASE): 9'-10'-11' Triple Blend
  • CCM SPEEDBLADE +4.0: 9'
  • CCM GOALIE XS-G: 30'
  • CCM EPRO: 9'
  • TRUE SHIFT (QUICK RELEASE): 9'-11'-13' Triple Blend
  • TRUE (NUT & BOLT): 9'-10'-11' Triple Blend

Height: Player blades = 23mm;  Goalie blades = 25mm

4.  How do I install my new skate blades?

Bauer Lightspeed edge (Trigger)

CCM Speedblade XS

5.  Learn about profiling blades - see blog

See the full blog here.  

6.  Complete your Profiling Assessment in under 1 minute here!

7.  Learn about sharpening blades - see blog

See the full blog here. 

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