Why Get The Bladetech Blackouts

Why Get The Bladetech Blackouts

Hi I’m Bella, and I don’t much about hockey. Literally. When Bladetech launched their Blackout sticks, I didn’t really understand what made them different from other major company’s sticks in the market.

Here’s what I know:

  • Bladetech is all about providing the best hockey performance equipment for elite players of all ages.

  • These sticks are the same as the major brands top sticks, just not covered in stickers and jacked up in price. Bladetech ensures you’re getting value added for every dollar spent.

Value added per dollar spent? What does that mean? 

Here's an example. Imagine this... 

You go to the store and buy a $300 dollar stick with a 30 warranty. The stick breaks during practice. You no longer have a stick. What can you do?

You go to Bladetech and spend the same $300 dollars on a Bladetech Blackout Stick bundle. One of your sticks breaks in the middle of a game! But it's ok, you have a second stick, so you’re covered.

Why should you go with the Bladetech Blackout Bundle?

You don’t need to know much about hockey to know that sticks break all the time, and what better way to ensure you’re always covered than by getting two sticks at the cost of one. In other words, get PRO STICKS at PRO PRICES. 

Bella’s Two…no, Ten Cents!

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