PRESS RELEASE - Bladetech Hockey And NHLOA Partnership

PRESS RELEASE - Bladetech Hockey And NHLOA Partnership

Often overlooked, professional referees are a crucial part of making hockey games happen. As an important part of the game, Bladetech Hockey is excited to partner with the National Hockey League Officials’ Association (NHLOA) by providing custom blades with built in Flex Force Advantageto all NHL officials. This patented technology allows the blade to flex, which cushions impact pressure on knees and helps officials perform efficiently. It will also increase the longevity of their careers.

Quote from NHLOA:Any time we can increase our speed with technology, we embrace it because it’s good for the game. The extra glide and less resistance of Bladetech means that we are in better position to make the right call and helps us stay out of the way and avoid injury. Our Association is pleased to partner with Bladetech for the 2023-24 season.” - Steve Barton, NHL Head Official

Quote from Bladetech: “We’re obsessed with adding value to the game of hockey. We appreciate how critical and often overlooked this group is, so it’s vital they have the top performing equipment. It’s an important partnership for both organizations: for Bladetech, contributing in a meaningful way to the NHL and for the NHLOA members, literally lengthening their career with Flex Force blades cushioning the impact on their knees. Bladetech Hockey has been working with NHL officials for years, so we’re thrilled to make this NHLOA partnership “official” 🙂.” - Anthony Morra, CEO of Bladetech Hockey

About the National Hockey League Officials Association

The NHLOA (National Hockey League Officials’ Association), was born in 1969 out of a need to improve working conditions, salaries and other benefits for officials of the National Hockey League. All members are active Officials under contract to the NHL who are working in the NHL and designated minor leagues. For more information: (

About Bladetech Hockey

Based in Toronto, Canada, Bladetech Hockey provides high-tech hockey performance equipment. They are best known for their patented Flex Force skate blades that are scientifically proven to provide skaters a speed boost. Recently Bladetech Hockey has added a pro-level hockey stick to their repertoire, which elevates them into an elite hockey performance brand.  Get Bladetech here:

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