Press Release - Bladetech Hockey And Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey Partnership

Press Release - Bladetech Hockey And Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey Partnership

Sled hockey (also referred to as sledge hockey and para ice hockey) was invented at a Stockholm, Sweden rehabilitation center in the early 1960's by a group of Swedes who, despite their physical disability, wanted to continue playing hockey. Sled hockey provides opportunities for many types of disabilities at the local level for recreation/competition, all the way to the National Sled Team that plays in World Championships and the Paralympics. (USA HOCKEY). Bladetech Hockey is excited to partner with Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey by providing custom blades for all the players in the program. 

Quote from Minnesota Wild Hockey Program: "We are excited to partner with Bladetech Hockey to offer premium steel blades that can be custom engraved with our logo and our athlete's name and player number to our athletes. We are always looking to improve our game and this partnership will help us do that!" -Craig Trenary, President

Quote from Bladetech:  "Providing high-quality blades to this amazing Sled Hockey community is something we sort of stumbled into. Honestly, it’s one of our favorite groups to work with because of the intense passion for the game and all of the positive aspects of it.  We’re excited to be working with the dedicated team at Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey and hope to be a positive impact on these players’ future on and off the ice." -Anthony Morra, CEO of Bladetech

ABOUT Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey

Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey is dedicated to promote societal awareness of the challenges, and needs of persons who have physical disabilities.

Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey is a Minnesota-based 501c3 non-profit corporation, provides opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in hockey and promotes the development of excellence in hockey in Minnesota.  Minnesota Wild Sled Hockey is open to players aged 5 and above with physical and/or cognitive disabilities that prevents playing stand-up hockey. (


Based in Toronto, Canada, Bladetech Hockey provides high-tech hockey performance equipment. They are best known for their patented Flex Force skate blades that are scientifically proven to provide skaters a speed boost. Recently Bladetech Hockey has added a pro-level hockey stick to their repertoire, which elevates them into an elite hockey performance brand.  Get Bladetech here:


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