Bladetech Hockey named Official Sponsor of ATSX Ice Cross race in Mont Du Lac this month

Posted by Anthony Morra on

Bladetech is proud to partner with US Ice Cross (USIX) and be named the official sponsor of this year's ATSX Ice Cross race in Mont Du Lac, WI, USA. 

Ice Cross is one of the most entertaining, high flying, dangerous sports to take place on ice.  It's a mix of downhill skiing and skating, as 4 racers at a time fly down the course, made completely of ice, to be first to the finish line. Courses include obstacles such as jumps, 90 degree corners, moguls, and even uphill climbs!

Bladetech has been thrilled to sponsor Ice Cross athletes since 2016. In fact, some of the first #TeamBladetech professional athletes were Ice Cross athletes. 

For more information on the upcoming race and how to watch live, check out the link below: 

Check out a few of our stable of athletes!

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