Bladetech's Holiday Hockey Gift Guide

Bladetech's Holiday Hockey Gift Guide

Wondering what to gift your favourite hockey player this Christmas? The holidays are just around the corner & Bladetech Hockey has got you covered for all the essentials this season!

High-Quality Hockey Stick From Bladetech

A top-notch hockey stick can make a significant difference in a player's performance. Looking for a pro stick at pro prices? Look no further than our very own Bladetech Blackouts as the perfect Christmas gift!

Customized Jersey or Apparel From Fanatics

Personalized jerseys or apparel with their name, team logo, or favorite player's number are a unique gift. Fanatics has all your jersey and apparel needs for this holiday season!

Skate Sharpening Kit From Sparx

Keep their skates in top condition with a skate sharpening kit from Sparx.

Training Aids From Hockey Shot

There are various training aids designed to improve specific skills, such as stickhandling, shooting, and passing. You can find them all on Hockey Shot!

Hockey Equipment Bag From Conway & Banks 

A durable and spacious hockey bag from Conway and Banks can help your hockey player keep their gear organized and make it easier to transport everything to and from the rink.

Custom Mouthguard From TruFit

Protecting their teeth is crucial in hockey. A custom-fitted mouthguard from TruFit provides better comfort and protection than generic ones.

Hockey Books From Indigo

Enhance their knowledge & interest of the game by stopping at Indigo to grab some books focusing on strategy, tactics, and player development.

High-Quality Water Bottle From Howies

Staying hydrated is key during intense hockey games or practices, Howie's has you covered for the perfect water bottle!

Fitness Tracker From Helios

Help them keep track of their fitness and training progress with a high-quality fitness tracker from Helios. 

Gift Cards for Skate Sharpening or Equipment Stores From Source For Sports / Pure Hockey

And sometimes the best gift is letting them choose what they need. Gift cards to their favourite hockey equipment store or a local pro shop can be a practical and appreciated option.

 Happy Holidays!


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