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In the past, you only had one choice for skate blades – whatever your skates came with.  Then came the onset of T-blades – those of us who are a bit older remember those unique holders and that classic cutting sound they made with every stride.  Although T-blades never seemed to stick around, new companies bound and determined to innovate on a stagnant area in hockey continue to pop up and try their hand at the skate blade game.  The boys at Bladetech have taken this a step further than simply creating stronger steel from advanced alloys, or coating their blades for sharper edge – They have a patented technology they claim will add up to 5% increase in speed to your skating.  Do they measure up to this claim?  Read on to find out!

Flexible Skate Blades

Bladetech Skate Blade

Worlds fastest blade?

Bladetech has incorporated high strength alloys and advanced coatings on top of their proprietary flexible blade technology – the result?  A faster blade for you!

Bladetech was started in 2013 when Jeff Azzolin, a University of Waterloo engineering student realized that while boots were being drastically improved year over year, the skate blades themselves were being almost completely ignored.  Using his engineering background, he went to work in the lab and discovered there was some unused potential energy in skaters strides that he wanted to take advantage of.  From this innovative train of thought a ‘spring loaded’ blade was created, and Bladetech’s patented ‘Flex-Force’ technology was born.

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