Bladetech Hockey - Origin Story "From spring-loaded to Flex Force"

Bladetech Hockey - Origin Story


In 2013 Jeffrey Azzolin had a simple question: where is the value added in hockey skates? After close examination he realized that all of the value was added in the boot of the skate, with very little thought about the relationship between the blade holder and skate blade beneath the boot.

He went to work. First, Jeff researched technology in sports that gave performance benefits.  He landed on the relatively new development in long-track speed skating called the "clap" skate. This allowed skaters to keep their blades on the ice longer, generating more speed and power for the skater. These features were especially important for hockey players, but needed to have more stability to support the constant change in direction. 

After various prototypes, Jeff created a spring-loaded holder and Bladetech Hockey was born! Bladetech's new spring-loaded holder technology gave similar speed improvements that speed skaters experienced. 

But there was something wrong with this solution: the trade off didn't make it very valuable.  The increased spring-loaded performance came with added weight, a complicated installation process, no ability to change blades quickly, and would require a hefty price tag.

Jeff knew he had to go back to the drawing board.  Was there a way he could achieve the "clap" skate type benefits without all the negative side effects?

Enter: the Flex Force Advantage.  Easy to use, easy to adapt to, minimal flexing for increased performance without increased weight and at a price-point that makes sense! Flex Force Advantage works just like a composite hockey sticks.  Jeff introduced a "flex-point" into the steel which allows the front of the blade to flex, store energy, and release it back to the skater as they extend their stride.  This helps them gain more power, keep longer blade contact with the ice, and not lose speed during changes of direction.

Jeff knew that this was going to be the solution for all future hockey skates.

Now used by NHL players, NHL officials, and hundreds of pro hockey players around the world, Bladetech's Flex Force Advantage is the natural evolution that hockey skates have been waiting for.

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