SLED Steel - 11.5" Blade (Pair) (Razor, G Force, Ballistic)

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Bladetech Hockey focuses on two attributes: innovation and quality. With this in mind, they are the first company to introduce “flexible” replacement skate blades that help increase performance with added health benefits.

This patented technology is known as the "Flex Force Advantage". Thanks to the unique blade design, the front portion of the Bladetech replacement skate blades flex up into the holder of your skates, stores vertical energy, and then releases it when you push off. This innovation will increase your acceleration and help you skate up to an average of 5% faster!  This will help you to be more efficient on the ice and allow you to play longer!

Bladetech replacement skate blades are made with the highest quality steel available, extending the length of time between sharpening by close to double.

Black Armour Finish: This is a hardened coating on the blade that helps reduce friction and maximize surface strength. It also helps to enhance edge retention, keeping your freshly sharpened blades lasting longer.

For the first time, you can customize your replacement skate blades! Pick the "Custom Color" finish and add any color to your replacement skate blades!  

Custom Color Finish: Performs as the "Black Armour" finish does, but you can customize your coating finish! These truly are the best replacement skate blades you can get!

*Note – customized blades cannot be returned, so ensure you are ordering the correct size and style.