Black Diamond DLC

Bladetech Hockey focuses on two attributes: innovation and quality. They are the first company to introduce “flexible” hockey blades that help increase performance with added health benefits.

This patented technology is known as "Flex-Force". Thanks to the unique blade design, the front portion of the Bladetech blades flex up into the holder of your skates, stores the vertical energy, and then releases it when you extend your stride. This innovation will increase your acceleration and help you skate up to an average of 5% faster!

Not only do the Bladetech blades increase your speed and acceleration, but they also help reduce lower body injuries. Thanks to the flex of the blade into the holder, it absorbs the large-impact forces while skating and reduces pressure on your ankles, knees, and hip joints. This will help you to be more efficient on the ice and allow you to play longer!

Blades are made with the highest quality steel available, extending the length of time between sharpening by almost double.

The Bladetech replacement skate blades can be 100% customized with your favorite colors, names and logos! The colored coating coating on the blade helps reduce friction and maximize surface strength. It also helps to enhance edge retention, keeping your freshly sharpened blades lasting longer.

If you are a player looking for increased speed and less joint pain, look no further than the Bladetech!

Black Diamond DLC: Coated in a Diamond-Like Coating, this is the premier skate finish. Blades with DLC coating are essentially indestructible. No scratch, no chip, and a blade life twice as long as any other steel available.  Simply put - these are the best blades you can put in your skates.

Blades can fit the following holders:

  • Bauer Lightspeed Edge
  • Bauer Lightspeed 2
  • Bauer Vertexx Edge (Goalie)
  • CCM Speedblade XS
  • CCM XS-G (Goalie)
  • CCM Speedblade +4.0
  • CCM Epro
  • TRUE (nut & bolt)
  • Graf Cobra/Ultra

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